Chickasaw Nation Medical Center-Ada, Oklahoma

Chickasaw Nation Medical Center-Ada, Oklahoma

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

Owner: The Chickasaw Nation

Architect: PageSoutherlandPage, Austin

Mechanical Engineer: PageSoutherlandPage, Austin

General Contractor: Flintco

Project Data: Chickasaw Nation Hospital is a 369,000 sq. ft. hospital and medical clinic that was negotiated with Flintco Construction and the Chickasaw Nation.  Matherly Mechanical worked with the design team and owner to create a mechanical design that fit their construction budget.

The project consists of 67 patient rooms, 4 LDRP, 5 surgery suits, an attached medical clinic and a dental clinic with 35 chairs.

The building is served by a 11,500 sq. ft. detached central energy plant that contains two 1,000 ton water cooled chillers and three hot water boilers totaling 645 hp.